Aleksandra Jednoróg, II rok BSiF

Is an English school different from a Polish school? YES! How is it different? I don’t know what a normal English school is like because I’ve spent two years with monks –in a Catholic School!

My school Ampleforth College is in the middle of nowhere. There is about  40 km to the nearest town- York and about  2 km to the Ampleforth village with ONLY one shop. As it is a Catholic School, there is a monastery with 120 monks, an abbey church where every Sunday there is an obligatory mass for everyone – even if you’re not a catholic!

For many years Ampleforth College was a boys boarding school. In 2004 girls were introduced.

There are 10 boarding houses now (around 1000 students), seven for boys  and three for girls, in each house a chaplaincy and a monk. To find out more go to

When I was there I was 16 and I was in Middle Sixth Year.  I had to choose only 4 subjects to study and in the next year continue with 3.There are many, strange for us – Polish people – subjects like Business , Theatre Studies, Sculpture or Christian Theology.  We had many additional games (squash, fencing, CCF – Combined Cadet Force), many trips to Paris, Rome or even to Kenya etc.

Of course it isn’t all about the studies! As we lived in the middle of nowhere, there was a school pub – Windmill in which only M6th and U6th students were allowed. In Ampleforth 17 year olds were legally served alcohol – but only at Windmill. Each Saturday and Sunday there was a theme party or a rock concert.

That was the best adventure in my life! So if you have a younger brother/ sister or a friend who you think will manage to spend 10 months in a boarding school in UK go to and sign up for a scholarship.


Boarding school – szkoła  z internatem

Monastery – klasztor

Monk – zakonnik

Mass – msza

Chaplaincy – kaplica

Theme party – impreza tematyczna

Scholarship – stypendium

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